The opera titling software solution

Show texts on projectors, ledwalls, app and in live streaming.

All from one centralized platform, with the score on PC.


Connect a projector or a ledwall to your computer and stage the innovation.

Lyri allows you to choose the size of the texts, the font and the languages to be displayed for the entire project in an instant.


Would you like to make texts accessible in multiple languages and from all points of the theatre?

With Lyri lyrics are visible on smartphones and tablets, perfectly synchronized with the scene.

The app also offers the viewer a navigable mini-site which presents the event, as well as the plot of the show synchronized in real time.

Texts translated in your language

You can read opera libretti in the language you prefer, choosing it between those available for the event. Everyone will no more miss a word.

Brightness set to zero

As the show starts, Lyri sets display brightness to zero. The only lights in the room will be those of emergency exits.

Everything is synchronized

Texts shown on smartphones and tablets displays are synchronized in real time with the opera libretto, thanks to commands given by an operator.


The new Lyri player allows you to view multilingual closed subtitles during live streaming on YouTube, without modifying the output video stream from the control room.

During the show lyrics are displayed on an overlay layer so, once the event is over, you can upload Lyri SRT files in multiple languages, keeping the original YouTube video.

Zero editing, zero post-production. Just Lyri.

If you need any information about Lyri fill in the following form: you will be immediately contacted by our staff.